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All kinds of weather, we stick together

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I just wanted to write a short post about how excited I am for the benefit game for my mom this Friday.  I have about five specific reasons for why I am so excited:

1. Spending time with my sister

2. Seeing ALL of my friends

3. Bringing my roommate Anne to my hometown

4. Watching an epic basketball game

5. Raising awareness for leukemia & some funds for my mom

I want to specifically talk about reasons #1 & #5.  I think this benefit game will be so great for my mom, my family, and our community.  Unfortunately, cancer treatment isn’t cheap.  In fact, I just recently realized that even wigs are expensive, a nice human hair wig can be around 1500 dollars! It’s insane…  You never really think about those types of things untill it affects you, or someone close to you personally.  People have shown us so much support, and gone out of their way to help my family during this rough time.  Family friends, and even acquaintances have donated gift cards and things to my family.  I am SO thankful for the people who have donated the gas cards and food gift cards.  My dad would’ve spent so much money on gas if it weren’t for all of these people.  And when your mom isn’t around, it sure is nice for Timyka to be able to just grab a gift card and run through somewhere to get food.

Oh, Timyka.  I absolutely love my little sister.  She is the most genuinely nice, and caring person I know.  She has been there for me since age two, and I am so glad she is MY sister.  It’s really hard not being home, and not being able to know how she is, or what she is doing all the time.  But, even though I don’t get to see her as much as I used to, I truly believe it has made us closer.  On the bright side of our situation, my mom’s diagnosis has made our family stronger.  I’d also like to mention that I am incredibly happy to see her happy with her boyfriend Tim, I am so glad that he is able to physically be there for her when I am not.  But emotionally, I know she knows that if she ever needs me, I’m only a call away.  I am very excited to watch her cheer, and spend some time with her!

I hope that everyone at this game will get something positive out of it.  As a community, the people I’ve met at Unioto, will always be close to my heart.  I have never seen such a strong display of generosity and love, than on the night of my best friend Emilee’s benefit game.  The people of Unioto are absolutely amazing, and the amount of support we have already received has just blown my mind. I can’t wait to see everyone, and be a part of something that I will never forget.




So You Had a Bad Day

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Sometimes you just have bad days, and you don’t always know why.  That’s what the doctors tell my mom, that some days she’ll have a good day and that’s great, and other days she’ll feel like poop, but that’s just how it goes.  Well for me, today was just one of those days.

It was the end of our Jterm and although my class finished up, I had to take my math placement test, do laundry, clean my room, return my books, turn in my essays, and somehow find time to eat and pack up my stuff all before my dad came to pick me up.  I don’t mind being busy, in fact, I like it… to an extent.  Just all the stress of the past week finally caught up with me after doing 60 math problems for two hours.  Needless to say I was completely drained, and ready to come home, by the time my dad got to Otterbein.

That’s when my little pity party came to an end.  I realized that as bad as my day seemed, chances are there is someone else out there in the world having a much worse one.  When my dad showed up, I realized just how true that was.  

Bloodshot eyes, with bags underneath and all, dad looked like the definition of exhaustion.  Working 8, 10, even 12 hour days will do that to anyone… Then tack on the constant trips to visit your wife at the Hospital everyday, yep that’ll do it. 

Talk about a bad day.   

Welp, today was a bad day, but it’s not the end of the world.  I’ve come to realize that we’ll get through our bad days together.  The doctors can tell my mom all they want that they don’t know why we have bad days, but today, I discovered why we do.  If you don’t have a bad day every now and then, you can never truly appreciate a good one. 

So tomorrow, I’m gonna have a good day.  I’m gonna hang out with my friends, eat some good food, and watch some good basketball! (And good cheerleading ;D teehee).  And I can tell you one thing’s for sure, I will truly appreciate every second of it.

**This beautiful bracelet was a gift from The Roberts Family and it’s absolutely gorgeous!  Made my day when my dad gave it to me!**


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Okay, so Otterbein has this weird optional term in January called Jterm, go figure, ha. And tomorrow it’s over so I get to come home for Friday, and part of Saturday!  I’m excited for my Dad to come pick me up tomorrow evening!  I especially can’t wait to get out of my dorm.  I feel like I constantly have a cold when I am here, because of all the dust, and living so close with so many people.  I’m hoping that going back home for a little bit will help me get rid of my cold.

You’re probably thinking, “It’s just a cold, so what?” but this little cold is really driving me insane.  Because my mom has finished all her IV bags of chemo (Yey!), her white blood cell levels continue to drop until day twenty I believe.  So basically, at this point in her treatment, she has little to no immune system to fight off things like, say, this cold I have.  Therefore, until this cold is gone, I can’t see my mom.

It freaking sucks, because even though my dad will be visiting her tomorrow, I have to stay here.  And then, come Saturday, when dad takes me back to Otterbein, I still won’t get to go.  All because of this common cold.  Not cool.

So, needless to say, when I get home I will be drinking a lot of orange juice-even though I HATE it-and getting a lot of sleep. Then, hopefully I will get to visit my mom before I go home for her benefit game at the “U” next week!  It will be so nice to be surrounded by so many people who are cheering for my mom to get well, and hopefully get to see the boys get that W against the Huntsmen!

Until then, at least we have facetime 😀 …gotta love technology!

Snow Blows

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I LOVE snow.  Always have, always will.  My mom on the other hand, never has, and never will.  And today I have to agree with her.  Well, actually I take that back, I didn’t particularly like snow on January 2nd when I wrecked my car, but really that wasn’t the snow’s fault, I blame it on my little Mazda’s rear wheel drive… But any who, I guess they are saying that tonight we are going to get freezing rain and another 1-2 inches of snow.

Whatever we get I just hope that we don’t get too much because I don’t want my mom to be snowed in at the James, with nobody to come visit her!  Actually, I know that won’t happen, so I guess I just hope that my dad, grandma, or whoever else goes up tonight is EXTRA careful.

I don’t want anyone else’s cars in the shop!!!! So, I guess this post is basically to beg anyone going out on the roads tonight to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful!  Wrecking my car was definitely on the top five most scariest moments of my life list.  God definitely had some angels watching over me that day, because I was on the highway and thankfully no cars were around me when my wheels spun out and slammed into a guard rail and ended up in a ditch-not cool.  But, what is cool, is that the insurance (surprisingly) did not total it, so I am hoping to be reunited with Rexy (my Mazda RX-8…get it?) within two weeks.

And then, I can visit my mommy whenever I want & I can put on my car lashes I got for Christmas!!! TeeHee.

Be safe tonight everyone!


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Optimism:  A tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation

Recently, you could say I’ve become an optimist. Or, at least I am trying my hardest to be.  These past two days have made it much easier to focus on all of the positives that have come out of my mom’s diagnosis, since my mom has been feeling much better.  She finished her first bag of chemo and is now only taking the chemo pills and has the continuous drip chemo bag.  I always feel so much better to hear her over the phone because when she is having a good day I can tell.

It’s at times like these that you can really see who your true friends are.  She always has visitors to keep her entertained and help her time pass more quickly.  And even those friends that are from different places, are showing her their support in many other ways.  If you haven’t been up to her room, then I should let you know that it was decorated by her “design team” when she first got to the James.  Her friends put up all of the cards and hearts with notes all over her room.  It’s funny, because it’s similar to her classroom because there is hardly an empty space on the walls!

Mom, if you are reading this, then I should probably also fill you in about home… When I went back last weekend Dad was doing all the laundry! He’ll say he did it all the time before, but we both know that isn’t true 😉 Now it was his turn to be surprised that I didn’t bring home any laundry for him to do from school!  Maybe one good thing to come out of this, is that dad will keep doing all the laundry, right? Hahaha, well, we can hope!

Even though I’m not physically going through what my mom is, I’ve been lucky enough to also have people to lean on during this trying time.  My best friends from back home are so supportive and they will always be there for me through everything.  I am so lucky to have them.  Emilee, Morgan, Johna, And Caitlin…you guys are seriously my best friends, we have gotten each other through some of the lowest points in our lives and I know that we will never grow apart.  I feel like even though we are not always together, we are closer than ever.  Nobody will ever be able to understand the bond that we have, I can’t even put it into words.

Lastly, I want to talk about the person who has helped me most, the one who was both physically and mentally here for me when my life got flipped upside down.  Brick Davis, I really don’t even know how to say what you mean to me.  You are the one that my mom called on when she knew I’d be upset.  My dad knows that you will always be here to stand in for his daughter when he can’t be.  Even though we are at college, and I have to be away from home, when home needs me most, you make me feel better.

“Optimism doesn’t wait on facts. It deals with prospects. Pessimism is a waste of time”
Pessimism is a waste of time, and to be honest, I don’t have the time to waste.  I’ll just keep living my life the best way that I know how, and try to see the bright side of things no matter how hard that may be.  I think that is one of the best things to come out of mom’s Leukemia, it has already changed my perspective on life dramatically.  A change that for most people would take years, has literally taken me days.  I just wanted to thank all of the people who have shown so much support of my mom and of my family, you have really helped me see the light in a dark time!


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After being home for the weekend, it feels nice to be back at Otterbein!  I have such a great support system here, as well as home; my girls that I have become so close to in my dorm Davis Hall, AKA Dirty D, and also all of my sorority sisters!  I never would have imagined that I would find so many great friends.  College has been such an amazing experience so far, and I have met girls here that will be my friends for life.

My dad brought me back to Otterbein this evening and on our way up we made a detour to the James, of course!  My mom is looking wonderful (those are my dad’s words not mine, d’awwh) and even though today is her second day with both chemo pills & the IV bags, she is doing great.  She was laughing and smiling despite the chemo.

It is absolutely inspiring to see her so positive and optimistic.  What is also inspiring, is seeing all the support from all the people that my mom has inspired in her life.  Saturday, when I first visited her, a nursing student from OSU came in and introduced her self as one of my mom’s previous students.  She had heard that my mom was at the James and so she had to come and say hello!  My mom is an awesome teacher, she loves what she does, and it shows.  Her students look up to her so much, whenever I stop into her classroom the first graders are always having so much fun and you can tell that they truly love their teacher as much as I love her as my mom.

Just yesterday, my dad brought home a picture that one of her students drew for her.  It was titled, “The Hostitle” (that is Hospital in 1st grader language…LOL).  It had a little line of stick figures going to the “Hostitle” to go see this little stick figure on a bed (my mom).  The picture was so precious and it just really made me proud that my mom’s students love her so much.

My mom is also a cheerleading coach.  Most daughters would never want their mom to be their coach, but, my mom was the best coach I have ever had.  Her and Jamie are pretty strict when they need to be, but they can be the goofiest, most fun coaches ever (sock puppet shows, Christmas Caroling… need I say more?).  My mom has built up the squad, and now that I am alumnae I can really see it.  She has done such a great job, and the girls that cheer for her really love her.  The girls look phenomenal and I am so proud of my mom for coaching them, and the girls for putting in all that work! When I watch them back at home, I am such a proud cheer sister!!!!!!! Carly Ekvall put together such a touching video of all the girls for my mom, and it’s beautiful-I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t tear up! The link to the video is below…

Needless to say, I am so proud to be Amy Diehl’s daughter.  She is so strong, and an inspiration to me, and many others. I love you Mom.

Home is Where the Heart is

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Yesterday I went to the James Cancer Center to see my mom for the first time.  It’s never easy seeing someone you love go through a difficult time.  It’s even harder when that person is your mom.  You also never really realize how much you rely on that person until they aren’t around.

On a positive note, my mom is in great spirits.  She is such a strong woman, and I am so proud to say that I get my strength from her.  Her new short haircut looks absolutely amazing. So much so, that I hope after we get through this first round of chemo, she decides not to let it grow back out long.  When I first found out about her cancer, I asked her if she was scared to lose her hair. She told me it was about time for her to get a new ‘do anyways.  & She was right! I won’t forget that conversation either, because being the girl I am I said,

“At least you won’t have to Shave your legs!”

She just laughed and said, “I never thought of that!”

That’s the type of relationship me and my mom have.  Not really afraid to say what’s on our mind (well that’s me more than her…ha) and always goofing around.  The past month is the most serious we’ve ever had to be.  And to see her lose her appetite, and just not feel like herself kills me.  I’m slowly learning how to remain positive so that I can see the bright side of our situation, even though it’s hard.

Other than seeing her yesterday, the hardest part to deal with recently has been coming home.  The saying “Home is where the heart is” has never been so true.  My heart is definitely at the James Center.  It’s not the same to be back in Chillicothe at my house, knowing that my mom isn’t here.