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Great News All Around

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This post is going to be a bit short, but I wanted to share the Gazette article about my mom and all of the support we’ve received from Unioto and our community.|topnews|text|Frontpage

Click the link above to read the Gazette article!  ^^^

In all honesty, this only begins to describe the overwhelming support we have received over the past couple of months.  I probably sound like a broken record when I keep saying we are so blessed and can hardly believe all the support coming our way. But, It just goes to show that it really does help.

GREAT NEWS! They released my mom yesterday to be able to stay with my grandparents who live in Columbus, while her counts continue to climb.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with leukemia, it is basically cancer of the blood.  So, my mom underwent chemo to kill the leukemia “blasts” that were present in her blood.  Chemo did a great job killing all of the “blasts” in her blood, but obviously it kills your immune system as well.  Even though she’s been done with the chemo for some time now, she can’t come home until her white blood cell count and neutrophils come up.  She went into remission really fast, but getting her counts to come up has been rather slow.

Even though her counts are still really too low, they let her go to my grandparents, since it’s not too far away from the hospital.  I know my mom is so happy just to be out of the hospital, so this is really great news!  Now, we just need to keep praying for her counts to go up, so she can come home!!!!  With everyone pulling for her, I know it will not be long!

Thanks to everyone who has been pulling for my mom, and my family, it is truly a blessing.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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Do I enjoy doing my hair?  Yes. Do I like wearing make up? Of course. Does that make me superficial? No.

Is there something wrong with wanting to look and feel pretty?  I don’t know.  I guess it depends on your reasoning for wanting to do so.  I think beauty is both biological and cultural.  We are programmed into finding the opposite sex attractive for obvious reasons, but has society taken it to an extreme?

What is beauty?…

. the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind

Like I said, beauty is biological and cultural.  In different cultures, beauty is perceived in many different ways.  A culture in Africa finds large lips attractive, to such an extreme that they will place large wooden plates in their lips in order to stretch them.  In South East Asia, women wear many stacked metal rings around their neck to make it longer, all in the name of beauty.  To us, that seems crazy, oh but wait- I heard that many women in the U.S. were undergoing surgery to put implants in their breasts, just to make them larger…  Obviously we are a crazy culture as well!

Now biologically speaking, there are certain aspects of men and women both that make them physically attractive.  I read an article that was all about this, for example, a woman is perceived to be “attractive” if she has a waist to hips ratio of .7.  Why?  Because men are more attracted to women with small waists and broader hips. This is biological because a woman with broader hips will be better equipped to bear children.  This theory has held true across all cultures.  It’s instinct, you are attracted to a healthy mate, after all, we are only human.

One of the main standards of beauty, in women at least, is long healthy hair.  Long hair signifies youth, health, and beauty.  But why?  A man can be bald, and you don’t look twice.  But a bald woman? Taboo.  If it is a woman’s choice to shave her head, it’s just assumed that she is a radical feminist, extremist, or lesbian.  It’s insane.  When a woman loses her hair to an illness, people view it differently, but still…why is she expected to wear a wig, or cover her bald head?  Bald IS beautiful.  In fact, what I’ve decided, is that nobody even knows what beauty is!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  My dad thinks my mom is beautiful.  I think my mom is beautiful.  My sister thinks my mom is beautiful.  In fact, I’m sure anyone that ever sees my mom with or without hair, will agree that she is beautiful.  She is an all around beautiful person, and just because she lost her hair doesn’t mean she’s really lost anything at all.

***Miss Tanzania in the Miss Universe Pageant ’07, looking stunning***


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Wow…. Amazing!

That basically sums up the UHS v. HHS Game last night.  Sooo many people were wearing their team Amy shirts!  It is insane the amount of people who are supporting my mom, and cheering for her fast recovery!  Even Huntington joined in with their coaches repping Team Amy shirts as well! (still awesome, even though we’re related!) haha.

One of the most inspiring moments was when the Huntsmen players and cheerleaders shook hands with my Dad and gave him some donations for my Mom, it was incredible.  My mom taught at Huntington before coming to Unioto, and my Dad is a proud alum, so it was just awesome seeing everyone come together for them.  I was told, that in total, they sold around 800 team Amy shirts! Mom, you should feel so loved!

Her UHS cheerleaders showed their love by making a cheer for my mom, it was adorable, you can see it by clicking the link I’ve posted below.  I was lucky enough to skype her for a few seconds at the game.  The cell service was not good enough to last very long, but I truly believe God let me call her (even if it only worked for a couple of minutes) so that she could see the crowd in all their orange glory!

When we had the game for Emilee, It was such an inspiring feeling to be a part of helping someone when they are in need of support, and being on the other side of that is just as incredible and more.  It is so hard to put into words how thankful I am to every single person who has given us  support.  Yes, receiving donations is unbelievable, but more than anything, it’s the moral support of all our friends, family, and all of you in the community that has shown us that we can get through this.

It is more clear than ever, that my mom is not alone, and neither is our family.  We have such a strong support system, and with all of you, I know my mom will be home soon.

P.S. Great game! Go TANKS! <—TEAM AMY CHEER