Spiritual Spring Break

Twins? Having a great time on my spring break!

It’s funny, and sad at the same time, how events like my mom’s leukemia, can make a person more spiritual.  After learning that I’d only get to spend just three short days with my mom, before she went back up to the James, I was devastated.  Most college students have plans to spend their spring break in a different place, be it a beach, a big city, a warmer climate, whatever.  I was just excited to come home and see my family.  Even though I only got to see my mom for three days, it was the longest I had got to see her in a long time.

On Friday, I rushed home so that Mear’s Photography could take our family portrait for an art show they are having at the pump house in June.  It showcases Cancer patients and their loved ones.  It was fun, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.  On Saturday I got up extra early and made breakfast for my mom and sister, and I must say, it was pretty delicious!  Later that evening, my mom and her friend Melissa went for a walk and I went running and walked with them some.  Then we watched Marley & Me, which really makes me want a puppy (LOL) and did our nails.

Sunday was fun too.  I got to spend some extra time with my sister and we went to Easton to get her an outfit for her upcoming senior pictures.  We even stopped at Yagoot for some fro-yo. YUM!  Then, Sunday evening we went over to Karen Leeth’s house, one of my mom’s long time friends, and had a prayer circle.  My mom brought me and my sister up Catholic and I’ve always been very thankful of that.  Over the years we got really busy and made less and less time for God.  It was never something either of us meant to do, it just sort of happened, though whenever I am having a rough time, I’ve always turned to God.

Especially now, I know that God has a hand in all of this; He has a plan for my mom, and sooner or later it will be made clear.  Untill then, we have to trust that he will continue guiding us and keeping our faith in his decisions strong.  We should not be afraid.

That’s what our prayer circle comes into play.  As Catholics, we did the rosary.  I’d have to do a whole other post to explain the significance of the rosary but if you’d like to see what I’m talking about you can refer to this article on wikipedia to get an idea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosary But, long story short, the rosary helps us concentrate on what we are trying to pray for, and to help get our prayers heard.  I was very moved on Sunday, and I feel like our prayers were being heard.  There is just something about a strong circle of faithful women deep in prayer that stirs a part of your soul that you forgot was there.

And, I say faithful, not Catholic, for a reason.  Not all of my mom’s friends are Catholic, which is great.  We had some women there that prayed the rosary with us, that were accepting of it just because it was a form of praying, and in the words of Michon Ekvall, “Prayer is prayer!” and I couldn’t agree more.  I found a really cool blog that addresses this subject and I tend to agree with most of the points it brings up: http://thinkingreed.wordpress.com/2006/02/15/can-protestants-pray-the-rosary/

Prayer is so important.  It comes in so many different forms and they all are beautiful in their own way.  On Sunday we had normal prayer, song, and the rosary.  It was a great experience and really made me a more spiritual person.  I have grown closer to my family in just three days, than I have in three years, and that is a miracle in and of itself.  Yes, I knew this spring break was not going to be a normal one, but I’m okay with that.  It’s been full of surprises, and I’ve come to expect the unexpected.

The first prayer circle, so glad I was able to come this weekend!

I hope everyone continues praying, mom is back in the hospital now, me and my BFF Johna took her up to the James yesterday.  She’ll be doing another round of chemo, and then in about 8 weeks, they will really blast it out of her system and give her the cord blood transplant.  Thank you to everyone who is praying and encouraging my mom, it helps so much.


4 Responses to “Spiritual Spring Break”

  1. Bri…When life changes to be more difficult, change yourself to be stronger. Remember tough times are like physical exercise….you may not like it while your are doing it, but you will be stronger because of it. You make us all proud. XOXO Nana

  2. Jenifer Circle-Potter Says:

    Bri…I am so proud of the amazing young woman that you have become. Your strength and support for your mother is an inspiration. I am honored to have known you for a short time in your life. Positive energy and love flowing for your wonderful mother.

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