Coming Home…

My Mom’s doctors have tried very hard to get the Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) under control, but it is not reacting to any medications.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it basically means that my Mom’s body is fighting the cord blood because it is not her DNA.  Unfortunately, we have run out of options and are bringing my Mom home.  We are in the process of arranging for a hospice to help us out and keep her comfortable.

This WILL be the hardest thing we’ve ever been through as a family, but we are a strong.  The most important thing for us to do right now, is to spend time with our Mom, and keep her out of pain.  We love her so much, and wish more than anything that for a different prognosis.   Right now, we have to learn to accept it, and focus on making the very best of our time with her.

I will let people know when she gets settled in and will continue to post if I feel up to it.  I ask that when she would like to have visitors, that it is limited to close friends and family, and that we are contacted and can prepare for visits.  We appreciate all the prayers, keep them coming, we all can benefit from them more than ever ❤



8 Responses to “Coming Home…”

  1. Brian Allen Says:

    Praying with tears in my eyes for your mom Bri! I have known her since 4th grade and she is an amazing woman. May God’s love and grace surround you and your family now!

  2. Continued prayers for Amy and her family.. It is wonderful to see how loving and supportive you all are….May God bless you all….

  3. Trina strausbaugh Says:

    Prayers for strength for each of you.

  4. Wilma gillott Says:

    Bri. Sending prayers for your mom and your family. I know this is the hardest message you have ever sent to friends of the family. Amy is a very special lady and she and your dad have raised two very beautiful daughters. Enjoy this time with your mom and we will continue to pray for a miracle. Hugs and prayers to all of you. Mrs Gillott.

  5. Karen Madigan Gehring Says:

    My prayers are with you and your family. I am so glad I got the chance to visit with you a few weeks ago. If there is anything at all I can do for you or your family please let me know. I love you Amy!

  6. Charlene Cybator Says:

    My prayers are with your family at this time. I grew up and lived by your mom and we were cheerleaders together at Catholic Central. She was always a joy to be around !

  7. Jayne Prindible Says:

    Bri: My thoughts & prayers go out to you, your sister and your dad, words cannot express how VERY sorry i am about your mother she was truly one in a million and I am very blessed to have grown up with her and i truly cherish all the memories I have. Even though we’ve never met if you ever need anything please let me know.

    Jayne Prindible

  8. I don’t know you or your family. There was a link on my local newspaper website to an article about your mom’s passing. I just wanted to let you know that I prayed for you and your family. I know just how hard it is to say good-bye to a parent.

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